Core Values

Our firm is founded upon a core set of principles that guides every aspect of our business. Our size and focus allows us to deploy and exhibit our values in each project we undertake on behalf of a client.  In all our dealings with clients and in the operation of our own business, we seek to conduct ourselves with a demonstrable appreciation for the values of-

  • Integrity – the nature of the insurance business demands that all parties operate in  good faith and under a common framework of honesty and professionalism.  We have dedicated ourselves to conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity.
  • Ethical Behavior – we strive to be zealous proponents of our clients’ objectives, while maintaing the highest ethical standards and presenting an independent, forthright analysis of the challenges and solutions unique to each project.
  • Accurate and Honest Support for the Client – PG&CP is determined to provide the best possible value by ensuring the client receives our undiluted and forthright opinion of the conditions we observe.