The Company

The Power Gen & Construction Practice, LLC (PG&CP) is a specialty risk assessment firm that provides:

  • Hard copy risk assessment reports – ‘Desktop Review’.
  • Web-based risk assessment software – ULTRA [Underwriting Loss & Technical Risk Assessment].
  • Loss prevention surveys.
  • Claims support.
  • Training and other risk related services.

We serve stakeholders in the power generation (fossil and renewable) and the construction industry worldwide.  Our clients include insurance and reinsurance carriers, brokers, legal firms, owners, engineering firms, and governmental agencies. We specialize in analyzing the influence that human element and management has on risk.  We provide focused, effective training for staff and management to help them better understand and more effectively manage assessment in their own facilities.

Risk Assessment Tool
PG&CP has created a custom, risk management and assessment rating tool (ULTRA) which can be licensed to clients.  This tool provides an automated risk assessment of a location. In addition, the software enables the customer to view “best practices”, helping them take a more hands-on approach to risk assessment.
Tailored Solutions
We encourage you to look under our Products and Services section of the website. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss the services we may be able to offer your firm and to allow us to provide a more detailed account of our background, capabilities and experience.

Our pages detailing the firm’s history and the experiences of our founder also demonstrate the PG&CP’s focus on finding creative, practical solutions to the challenges that face your organization.