Value Proposition

The Power Gen & Construction Practice’s value proposition for clients is simple- we offer a wide array of solutions dedicated to assisting clients in fully understanding and assuming a lead role in the entire risk assessment process.  We believe that a risk assessment process should furnish clients with more than a simple report and rating; it should identify the risks and inform the client on both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment factors. Once risk is identified, the assessment should offer solutions for modifying or transferring the risk. Finally, each client deserves a full explanation and support for the premise of any rating. We strive to offer a transparent insight into how each risk quality rating or element of a report is calculated and how the client’s individual situation may affect risk vs. coverage.

Our process incorporates the industry’s best practices, which affords our clients a unique opportunity to benchmark their facilities against the competition and to optimize their performance based on solid data and the insight gained from over 30 years of experience in the industry.  We would like to earn the opportunity to contribute to your endeavors by sharing our expertise and experience. Please call upon us directly at any time to discuss any opportunities you may have for us to serve your needs.